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Being the absolute thirstiest dude around. On the internet, real life, or even in a video game. Thirsty ass niggas fill up timelines & feeds on twitter and Facebook constatnly stalking females timelines looking for a "mate" like a wild animal.
Damn son, did you see Tomb the other day? That dude so thirsty I couldn't even see my own tweets, or even think my own thoughts! He was dry-mouthed as Fuck. What a thirsty ass nigga.
by IUsed2BeThirstyButISawTheLight September 24, 2012
A nigga who picks up phones faster than everyone in a sales office. He is always the first one there and the last one to leave. He shares none of his leads. Talks to every cute girl he sees but none of them respond. Most importantly he always responds to other people ass thirsty ass niggas.
Patrick your always picking up that phones all quck you thirsty ass nigga, I should probably bring you in a 3 gallon of a bottle of water tomorrow. Damn....thirsty ass nigga.
by NSS-Satellite May 27, 2010
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