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An incredibly large penis. Syn: dick, cock heat-seeking moisture missile, throbbing python of love, belly busting giggle stick.
Ant: tadger, prick.
...And then Jaxom whipped out his Third Leg, and boned her up.
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
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An unreliable appendage found on males of upright-walking species. More prolifent in warmer areas, especially in the native tribes of Africa, this appendage is not often used for mobility. The original third leg lost its foot in a shoe thousands of years ago and now all later third legs constantly search in shoes for the long-lost foot. The third leg becomes excited when it approaches the shoe found in between the legs of the female of the species, or the boot found on the posterior end of either the male or female of the species. The leg pokes around the shoe or boot looking for its lost foot, and culminates its search by spewing its tendons into the shoe or boot, trying in a last-stitch effort to reconnect the foot.
In prison, the larger males spend most of their time searching for their foots with their third leg for hours among other inmates.
by Dub P January 10, 2007
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Woman, you best cram my third leg down yo throat!

My third leg is toned and ready to be massaged
by Grant July 17, 2003
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the penis (see also middle leg)
My third leg was sore from jacking off.
by Light Joker June 25, 2005
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A male organ, called a penis. A man's best friend, it's the thrilla manilla!
Honey, lay your head right here on my third leg; he won't bite.
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
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When the vagina hangs loose to the point that it seems that the person has an extra leg.
Chris:"Did you watch the view yesterday?"
Chris:"Did you notice anything strange about Barbara Walters?"
Dave:"Yea her third leg was almost hitting the floor & it made me horny."
Chris:"Dave you ignorant slut!"
by idnhsrwtwml May 18, 2011
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