An Ankle that is on a fat person. This is when the Thigh seems to merge into the ankle to form a large mass of fat with no definition. People with Thighkles usually suck at everything. Especially sports, school and social life.
Jay "Cankles" is a perfect example!
by CANKLE CRUSHER May 25, 2005
Top Definition
This is used to describe an extremely bottom heavy person.

In other words a shelfy ass that extends infinitely to the foot. This is a step above Cankles.
Shaqueefa: "Snaps gurl, Rashonda must be killin dat Popeyes chik'n?"

Sha'neequa: "Yep, for sho doe them cankles be turnin into thighkles real quik"
by Grizzly August 28, 2009
Ankles that exceed the limit of excess. Bigger than cankles.
Can you find socks to fit over those thighkles.
by Roix March 20, 2006
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