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When a girl has large thighs yet wears a miniskirt, a phenomenon occurs that is known only as the "Thigh-Gina".

Named for its deceivingly similar appearance to that of a large, un-aroused, hairless vagina, the Thigh-gina
is among nature's most curious crevices.
Haha, I thought that girl was totally "Sharon Stone-ing" it with the miniskirt, but it turns out she just had a Thigh-Gina.
by harry haller February 22, 2009
When an obese person wears short shorts or a miniskirt and the rolls of fat on his/her thighs resemble a vagina. (Typically, however, the thighs are indistinct, as the person in question usually has thankles.)
A: I was at KFC this afternoon and saw some serious thighgina. I saw a woman with not 1, but 2, thighginas. Seriously.

B: I don't know whether or not to be impressed or cry. That's sick. Her thighs must have been ginormous.
by queane August 04, 2009
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