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The little tiny circle bruises left on a girl's thigh while getting pounded by a slim man with sharp hip bones.
1. That guy Danny, he's a real thigh-bruiser.

2. Oh hell yea he's sexy, and what a thigh-bruiser!

3. While looking in the mirror in the morning, I thought, "Had me a thighbruiser last nite...Guess that mean's I cant fuck this other guy tonite!"
by Queen Jean August 15, 2005
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The bruises you get on your face when you go down on a woman and give her such a powerful orgasm she squeezes your face with her inner thighs like it's in a vice. The bruises you get are thigh bruises.
Jeff ate at the Y so well, he got thigh bruises.
by Poodleusier June 24, 2004
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