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Someone named Thiel has a positive out look on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness, and eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar. Thiel's are extremely intelligent so they're able to grasp new subjects with ease. They're also capable of multi-tasking, however they don't always finish what they start. Thiel's are honest, friendly and open-minded.

Thiel's have a tendency to fall fast and hard for others. They tend to give themselves fully in each new relationship a quality that ends up chipping away at their inner being.
He is a honest and true friend. He must be a Thiel.
by DarthAnubis February 04, 2010

when your mom walks in the room just as you've just stuck your balls in your brother's anus.
1)The brothers didn't talk much after they got theiled.

2)Joe wasn't sure which hurt more: his pride or his ass after the thieling last week.
by brady pool December 12, 2003
sub-verb of cockpirate, trick thieving wannabe
that 'thiel' just landed a 180 nose grind first go after i've been trying it for an hour, see also cunt
by tommy g January 16, 2005
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