Thia Megia is a quality of singing. If a critic compares you to a Thia Megia, you're vocals has mastered control. You posses a very unique and majestic voice that isn't very common in the world. You probably sound best during occapella, and when you go on the stage and perform, you bring this radiance to the room. ; You're beyond beautiful.
The originality, flow, and beauty of your voice reminds me of the wonderous Thia Megia
by Trixie trang March 24, 2011
Thia Megia (January 30 1995) American Idol Season 10 finalist, she is the best pop artist in the hole world, and also is an inspiration to a lot of people, she is a very kind to the world specially to her family, friends and family.
I love hearing and wathcing Thia Megia, she is my inspiration.
by TMegiaMyIdol September 29, 2011

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