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A girl or group girls who are seriously involved in the school play. Thesbos like to think of themselves as serious actresses and constantly talk about various productions that they hope to see, be in, or run someday. It is recommended to avoid contact with the above parties, unless you hope to lose all ability of real conversation
Dude, you should avoid all contact with a Thesbo, just in case its like contagious or something. Shes also really annoying
by clakdy December 02, 2010
A young woman who performs as a lesbian or bisexual but only to appeal to men, having no interest in other women.
If you buy those two Thesbos Jello Shooters, they'll make out.
by Sprawn August 06, 2009
A girl who is avidliy involved in performance or technical theatre work.
Man, Julie has been in every drama club production since freshman year!

Yeah, she's a total thesbo.
by A. F. August 15, 2005
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