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Noun. The inability to maintain one's body temperature, or subjective sense of temperature in a comfortable range. I have frequently used this word to describe my wife's tendency to be a little bit too cold or a little bit too hot. But my mother in law takes the cake; peri-menopausal women tend to suffer from this condition disproportionately as hot flashes may prevent them from tolerating anything but the most climate controlled air conditioned environment.
A notable figure in literature whose thermostenosis deterred him from bathing properly or frequently is Shel Silverstein's Dirty Dan: "Oh, I'm Dirty Dan, the world's dirtiest man, I never have taken a shower. I can't see my shirt--it's so covered with dirt, And my ears have enough to grow flowers. But the water is either a little too hot, Or else it's a little too cold."
by joegro July 04, 2013
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