v. to have a major spaz, often including screaming, smacking, pulling hair, and shunning
she "awoke" and went theresa on the aliens
by saunia November 19, 2006
Top Definition
A cute, smart, talented girl. She's really cool and can find humour in almost anything. Everyone likes her. She has a beautiful smile and pretty eyes
Theresa is too cool for school
by Ricepicker202 September 17, 2007
Are Beautiful Goddess with one of the most gorgeous set of eyes you will ever look into. Smooth skin and always smells good, most of them have long hair, far completion. One of the most sweetest realest woman you would ever find. Definitely a keeper MUST WIFE, a freak in the bed DID I SAY FREAK IN THE BED!! Has a banging ass and would put any average chick to SHAME. Don't ever piss a Theresa off, It will be one of the worst mistake you will ever do. Theresa's Hold grudges like almost forever and they forgive but never forget. Once you lose their trust it's really hard for them to regain it. They tend to over analyze things a little to much, but most of the time their right. They make amazing wife's and are go getters and are always up for a challenge, most of the time always WIN
damn did you see that girl

yea that's Theresa back off and get your own!!
by Theresa'aRdabest February 05, 2010
Spelled "Theresa", it was ranked as the 717th most popular name for girls born in 2006, down from 226th in 1992 (it ranked 65th in 1950, and 102nd in 1900).The name implies one who is destined to work hard, but who will receive great bounty for her efforts. hot as people call it, pretty, cute, beautiful. humerous, talented, a hard-to-hate sort of girl. the one that everybody likes.

The name St. Therese or Theresa, Teresa..no particular way of spelling it. means little flower.a flower represent beauty and grace. "I will let fall from Heaven a Shower of Roses" -ST. THERESE
Theresa, with her natural beauty and grace, she will become a woman who changed life as it is
by littomissnerd357 January 17, 2008
The sexiest girl in the world. Very sporty and talented. Is beautiful inside and out. Sparkling eyes, smile and personality. The kind of girl everyone want to hang out with however she can be a bitch to the ones she doesnt like. She finds humour in almost anything. Can be a smart arse at times. Makes alot of people jealous with her looks and talent
Omg ! Theresa she is so freakin sexy , I wish I was as beautiful and talented as her.
by Mantina April 14, 2010
A tough girl who will probably kick your butt in a fight. She's smart, although math is not her strong point. She never gives up on her dreams, and won't let anything stop her. She really loves those around her, but they probably don't know it because she's not one to express her feelings often. She falls too hard when it comes to love. She is athletic, and loves her team as her family. She can be cocky, and a smart-arse. She loves to smile and laugh. She has fears, but she doesn't let them control her. Doesn't need makeup to look pretty. She's shy, but once you get to know her, you'll love her personality.
Theresa kicks ass.
by justanotherninja October 04, 2011
A gorgeous girl who is usually a brunnette with grey eyes who isn't afraid to tell you how it is. If she doesn't like you, it'll be that way for a long time, if not forever. She doesn't easily trust or give second chances, but once you get to know her, you'll learn why she acts that way. She can kick anybody's ass and she knows everything, even if she doesn't say it at first. Some people call her a bitch, but those are the people that don't know her well enough.
Don't talk shit about Theresa.. she'll get you back.
by skri5hu December 09, 2012
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