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Theoradical: Is an idea or theory that by the normal perceptions of the group you are within, is far too odd, weird, freaky, or simply radical to be accepted by the group of friends. "Theoradical" ideas are usually spouted by paranoid, crazy or slightly mentally disturbed people. Also people who under the influence of drugs are often prone to saying "theoradical" ideas.

It can also mean an idea that seems too “off-the-wall” to be taken seriously. At the time of the idea, few wish to believe it can work. A theoradical idea can sometimes be proven, but not all the time.
Daniel: Hay guys I just got paid and think we should all go for a “little” fun. But since I don’t feel like picking where it happens, I just ask you guys to pick.
Davon: We should totally go to the mall or something like that.
Tommy: Or could party on the moon with a bunch of space chicks and giant robots from sony.
Daniel: Seriously man, enough of your stupid theoradical ramblings! Now could someone please bring a relevant idea to the table?
by Cody Muxaoc May 06, 2010
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