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That crazy, scary movie about the creepy kid from hell.
"He is not a child!"
"He is the son of the Devil!"
"Damien! Damien! Where are you?"
by sylviaee May 12, 2005
47 6
- Most gosu player on B.Net
You just got pwned by theoman
by Theoman May 21, 2004
1 3
A word or group of words relating to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and Modern Dianetics!
Theomens are cool, like my goat.
by Derek Bryant January 23, 2006
1 4
the omen is a horror movie so bad it actualy became funny at parts...also has some pretty random cut scenes...not hard to predict whats gonna happen next either... has some pretty bad acting too.
1. lol that chick just got kicked in the face!
2. damien why dont you change your facial expression more than 3 times throughout the movie?
Jo: hey steve did you see the omen?
steve: yea...i wish i could get that 2 hours of my life back...
by Mr. Smiley Pants June 10, 2006
15 34