Man this dude is a sith master.
Theo: Thank the force!
Zach: Laughs.
Theo: So I was reading my book last night...
Zach: Cracks up, snots on hand. Gross.
by A-dizzle April 08, 2005
Top Definition
The funniest french bastard ever, who likes to "do homework" and "go outside for a little bit" because he is such a good little French boy. He loves Starwars and even though he says the most racist things ever, he doesn't really mean it, and it's usually funny. May Theo go out through history and the "Funny French Boy Who Could"
Theo: Um Thew? I don't speak "Jew."

Theo: (insert here) for many moons.

(WAY over used, but it's always funny when he does it)

Theo: Heey, esé...
by [not listed] February 15, 2005
another word for flaming homosexual
kid: "hey mom why is that man wearing crotchless leather pants?"
mom: "ohh hes just a theodore g"
by theMATZAballa March 03, 2005
Definitively Not Theo Goldrach
A: What's a Theodore G.
B: Definitely not Theo Goldrach even though he likes to think so.
by Jimbo March 15, 2005
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