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Thee god is most often seen as the beautiful creator, inspiration, and aim of me’s universe.
He has been known to hold the most varied attributes, from omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, a whole lot of omnigrrence, to, the Virgo complexity, and a Mac with internet connection.
His main focuses are gutters, the Chinese three hundred store treats, and last but not the least, the damn Italians.
Despite all his magnificence, his presence only requires air conditioner and, at least, once a day, meat.
Thee god has also been found as to be the best corporeal existence ever, the source of all immoral urges, and hopefully the "greatest conceivable eternal shag".
He’s also a damn great kisser.
ME: Thee god, see you were right again.
ME: On wiki, they say they used mortar on that fifteen hundred’s aqueduct structure.

YOU: I know...

ME: Oh that’s true.
ME: You know everything and you’re always right!
ME: Can you tell me one other thing?

YOU: Virgo!

ME: Damn… you rule!

YOU: Fine... keep being sarcastic...
by Evolingualways July 18, 2009
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