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A room in Habbo Hotel that resembles a pixelated pesenation center (a stage and an audience) where the same drab deadbeat avatars or "Habbos" stand in corners of the room(making sure their Habbo Club wardrobe fits their oh so morbid personality PERFECTLY). Many of these ennui-filled habbos coming from the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Usually filled with shouting from one end of the room to the other whilist greeting another by sh;itting out and overkilling heart emoticons (shift + \). And the always expected microphone hoggage where individuals begin singing anything that comes from the assorted 'NOW 12' album and dancing the ever-popular habbo dance which involves shuffling your feet, moving your arms up and down, and moving your head from left to right.(Habbos are multi-tasking fools, you see) An everyday pixelated Days of Our Lives drama/nightmare.
Truly an amusement for all.
"I'm DaRk,I lIkE bUnNiEs HeHe!^_^, CuRsE rAnDoMs!11 I aM A hArDcOrE hAbBo!!1 OmG WhO rAtEd Me A nUt-NuT oN fAcEpArTy??!1"
by schmuck December 29, 2003
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A popular chat room in habbo hotel. It is a microcosm where boys, who have never spoken to girls and boys, who pretend to be girls, congregate to *hold hands* and *weep* about deep and perplexing philosophical issues, all whist trying to hog a pixelated microphone to quasi-lip synch Slipknot lyrics.
yest0rday, i met my soul0rz mate, xXVeganG0thGrl000Xx, in theatredr0me! it was 1337! we synchroniz0red our dashb0ard confessi0nals cds, play0rz with our d0lls and talked ab0ut our fail0rz lives. my pen15 is smaller than a clit0ris. :'(
by AlphaTard December 29, 2003
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