A marijuana smoking technique in which the smoker inhales smoke from a blunt, exhales a small amount out, sucks it back in, exhales it out again, sucks it back in one more time, exhales it out and performs a french inhale to end it.
"Yo, did you see Brett just pull off the Devil?"
by Matt's place May 06, 2009
George W. Bush and Richard Cheney and the U.S. Supreme Court, and all members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and all 50 wicked sister state governments and their actors, and the very law of the United Sheibstaats of America.
"The Devil came here today, right here. ... It still smells of sulfur. ..." Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
An imaginary externalisation of human evil used as an excuse for immorality.
<Evil person> The devil made me do it :(
by Person May 18, 2004
The nastiest peice of shit to ever walk upon the WWW a feared and hated name in the dizzler chat and a pyschologicaly disturbed freak with no morals empathy or human compassion....
Nah (THE) Devils is a teddy-bear with claws this rare creature will defend it's friend to the death and lives of violence and pain

Hey (THE) devils want a hug ?

Umm devils your on fire again
by Fluffy_Bunny_Sniper91 October 16, 2009
The devil is real. Read the bible and stop believing he doesn't exist. This is what gets people. Christians who claim they don't believe he exists is what destorys your faith from the inside. When he does this, you do all this crap and fall deeper into sin and stop believing in Jesus. All the devil wants to do is drag you deeper into sin and destroy your faith so that you can suffer forever with him in Hell when his time is up. The devil won't stop trying to destroy your faith, he is persistent. He is also a liar and amurder and a thief. He is the father of all lies. You can't fight him alone but Jesus can and he will help you if you choose his gift of faith. Can I get another AMEN?
The greatest lie the devil has decieved us with and still tries to is to make us believe he doesn't exist.
by Dave_1983 September 23, 2005
1. The person who lives in hell and tortures everybody.
2. A fucking awesome guy.
3. A sexy beast
God makes everyone believe that he's good and the devil's bad..that's why he's so pissed off at everyone for worshiping god..
by Satan'sSexToy May 31, 2007
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