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The new internet fad "The Bird Is The Word". Originally known as a popular 1960's song(Surfin bird). After the family guy episode "I Dream Of Jesus", the internet fad as grown in a matter of days.

Player1: Hey have you heard the word?
Player2: What word?
Player1: That the bird is the word that the bird is the word that the bird is the word.
by Dylan O James October 07, 2008
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The subtitle to a classic song by the Trashmen, titled "Surfin' Bird."
Most people had never heard of it prior to a 2008 Episode of Family Guy, in which Peter Griffin could not stop listening to, and singing along with the song.
"Don't you know about the bird?"
"Yeah, everybody knows that the bird is the word."
by Skittles135 November 11, 2008
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