When you are doing a girl from behind, you take a black marker and sign her ass. Then you cap the marker in her butt.
Man, I totally zoroed your mom last night!
by Elsworth March 24, 2005
Top Definition
While your having sex with a girl doggy style you slip on a cape and black mask while she isnt looking, you then proceed to cum on her back while quickly making a "Z" out of it with your finger, you then flick your cape and run out of the room.
Eric used The Zoro on Bianca and she dumped his ass on the spot.
by Headhunter<3 May 03, 2010
When you use your cum as Zoro's sword and jizz on a girls chest in the shape of a Z.
Most people know which girl I fugged last night, usually because the sticky Z left on their chest from my finisher, The Zoro.
by Niggie Pie May 17, 2012
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