Referred to when a punishing hit is delievered in an athletic event. Known as "bringing the wood" or "laying the wood." Hits oftentimes leave opponents crippled for life which is incouragable as it brings prestige to those who "bring the wood"
Coach: Ok Tommy, You're big and black you should be able to bring the wood here and put their white QB out of the game.

In Game: Tommy gets his black ass owned by the white guy as he lays the wood on him.

Tommy now lives in a wheelchair and shits himself regularly
by Cobra March 24, 2005
a nickname for the country star Carrie Underwood. most commonly used by her obsessive fans. quite often used in sexually suggestive sentences.
I'd put my wood under Carrie!
The Wood owns.
by thewoodownskthxbye December 01, 2006
the place where i smoke alotta weed
painted woods
by smigel March 30, 2004
To describe something that is extremely bad or the definition of a female who is extremely unattrative.
Man that bamma is The Wood!

Man I saw this girl at Pg Plaza and she was the wood!!
by Boogie05 March 22, 2006
Since a "woody” refers to a male erection, it is a term often used when one is referring to his own erection with a proud smile.
I really gave that girl THE WOOD last night. She could hardly control herself and really, really got into it with me.
by Panchoman December 06, 2006
slang term for inglewood, california; also known as the city of champions. home of the great western forum which housed the world champion los angeles lakers.
most of my homies is reppin' 213, we like to cruise to the wood every once in a while.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
Woodinville, Washington. a city in the state of washington
Yo Im from the Wood!- Kickin it in the wood! Cause the Boyz in the wood are always hard.
by D.J. sparkly Pete January 28, 2004

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