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The windup is a popular game to play at a party or a friend's house. After making a bowel movement in the host's bathroom, the participant first unwinds a long section of toilet paper without detaching it from the roll. He then proceeds to wipe his ass with the paper closest to the roll, again being extra gentle so not to rip the toilet tissue. Then the most important step occurs: "the windup." This is when the player carefully winds the toilet paper back onto the roll, making it appear unused. This leaves a surprise for that special someone who is lucky enough to discover the soiled portion.
I pulled the windup the other day at my girlfriend's parents' house. I hope her dad got my shit all over his hands! Win!
by werdslaya August 09, 2012
When your beating your meat and your about to cum and you speed your stroke up. Then when your shooting you slow the stoke up the get the best out of your session.

Another word: *Pitch*
"When I was watching a porno last night, I started The Wind Up during the first sex scene."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
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