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A great album by the rock band Pink Floyd. The Wall has many great songs such as "Young Lust", "Hey You", "Comfortably Numb", and many other memorable tunes. The Wall was released in 1979, but it sounds fresh, even today!
In my opinion, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is the last great Floyd album.
by Qbert February 08, 2004
n. Feeling often felt by runners during a bad race. Basically, what happens is your brain says "go faster" but your legs say "fuck you". Though invisible, this object is very real.
During the last 300 meters, I just hit the wall.
by rocksfall1 March 01, 2009
The area of Urban Dictionary that people spam, write profanity on and write racist statements on as well as insult other countries such as Canada, England and, yes, the United States.
I tried to make an intelligent remark on the wall but everyone called me a cracker and made sure to state how much America sucks.
by jrtman October 31, 2005
Refers to the proverbial "wall" a woman (or man, but usually a woman in her mid-30's) hits when they reach a certain age; characterized by a sharp decrease in physical appearance and attractiveness; can be self-inflicted through lack of exercise or merely a pre-programmed genetic inheritance.
Guy #1: "Man, have you seen Hooker T lately?"
Guy #2: "Not since grad school."
Guy #1: "Good god, that girl has definitely hit the wall!"
by Dave D from KC June 12, 2006
An awesome Pink Floyd album and movie released in 1979
Me: did you listen to the wall last night??
Friend: Nah, but I watched the movie. Trippy man...
by Warning July 27, 2014
A literal wall at summer camp in the cabin of the oldest boys, devoted to the recording of some individuals who "go down" with girls either one year older or one year younger than them, to make out at "the rock." They will be given a nickname as well.
Joe: Can you believe George got on the wall tonight?

Noah: I know right! Who did he go with?...

Example of format of names:

John "Generic Name" Smith
by iofwhekjnsdv September 19, 2013
group of chillers
no, you can't join the wall Lucon
by the wallers September 26, 2011
A small cafe located in Balaclava, Melbourne.

It is a great socializing place for people to catch up as well.
People who go to The Wall mainly go there to have a chat with their mates over a cup of coffee.

The food there isn't too fancy, and mainly home-made foods, eg: toast with jam, hot chocolate. Otherwise, the customers don't care if the food is too average, as long as they have their mates there to chat with.
On a saturday morning:
Bobert: Hey mate, it's Saturday morning, wanna grab the usual cup o' Joe and catch up today?
Bruce: At The Wall, you mean?
Bobert: No shit.
Bruce: Ok mate, I'll be there at 10am.

Dan: So she was all like "Danny! Get me a towel!"...
Waitor: What would you too like today?
Gary: Oh ya know, just the usual coffee.
Dan: Yeh whatever, same.
Waitor: Alrighty then.
Dan: So anyway as I was saying...
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009

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