Used to describe an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) located on the exterior wall of a bank.
"I never have enough cash...I've been to the wall three times this week."
by J-A G Higg... September 21, 2006
Top Definition
A great album by the rock band Pink Floyd. The Wall has many great songs such as "Young Lust", "Hey You", "Comfortably Numb", and many other memorable tunes. The Wall was released in 1979, but it sounds fresh, even today!
In my opinion, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is the last great Floyd album.
by Qbert February 08, 2004
The Wall is a puzzle-esque rock opera by Pink Floyd. The story follows the rise and fall of Pink Floyd, a rocker who finds that fame is not everything. Set during WWII, the lyrics are both enchanting, haunting and frightening. The album includes much symbolism. Who are The Worms? What is The Wall? What role does Mother play? What does Pink mean by, "Goodbye, cruel world/I'm leaving you today"? What is The Trial? Questions like these are things you should keep in mind. Do not try to listen to The Wall in one sitting. You will not get it. If you want to extract the full meaning of the music, listen to each song and think about it. Listen hard to the background noises, the actual lyrics, and the change of voice pitch and emotion.

Figure out The Wall. You'll be surprised.
My 7th grade music teacher made us do a project on The Wall. One of the best albums ever.
by Mr. Squakity June 10, 2005
what dale earnhardt ran into
What do dale earnhardt and pink floyd have in common?
- there last hit was the wall
by Bill DiGregorio September 21, 2005
a freaking sweet rock album and the movie was sweet two both of them where from Pink Floyd
the wall kicked all the ass it was a sweet album
by mr.x February 28, 2005
A Term created From Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' album which implys that a person is stuck behind some sort of physiological wall, unable to reach the outside world, unable to find reality, only leaving small holes in the wall for whomever he or she cares the most for. This can be extremely traumatic for the person who has in a way 'built' the wall around him or herself in order to escape or run away from the real life problems or people. This condition is often paired with manic or regular depression.
"What's wrong with him?"

"He's stuck in the wall"

"I don't see anything"

"No, it's in his head, the wall is in his head"
by lost, lost, lost May 23, 2009
1)another way to referer to Wallgreens pharmacy, the term was coined by the godlike hysterical comedian Dane Cook.

2)also a kickass Pink Floyd album
"What is it about The Wall that just makes you want to steal?"
by Kiana Parsons February 22, 2006
The death house in Huntsville, Texas where capital offenders go to meet their maker. Drip. Drip. Drip.
dat nigga. . .he cap da bitch an' den ran over her! he in the Walls now!
by Boss February 29, 2004
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