An amazing band... in other words.
d3y R TeH ub3R bY4da55 nD 1f j00 dnT lyk3m j00 R TeH m0r0nzzzzzzzzzz.
fuckew i dont need to give one. theyre the used for christ sake. SUCKIT!!!
by Bayless March 25, 2005
everyone hear has said that they kick ass so just to be different im gonna say that they don't, they suck.
(actually i really like them but i just wanted to be original, im sad)
y listen to The Used when u can listen to bluegrass?
by frederick von baart June 29, 2004
Shit in a can. The band members do marijuana, which kills brain cells and can lead to overdoses. The band worships Satan, and can often be seen biting the heads off innocent animals, throwing fake blood into the crowd, and exposing themselves to the audience. A fan told me that during their shows naked women run on stage covered in blood and masturbate. The whole thing is fuckin sick. The Used should be executed for the things they do.
The Used should burn in hell for being such Satanic, screaming fags!
by Preppy and proud May 09, 2005

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