What would you give just to.......
They live the dream you and i want(lucky bastards) Julian fucking gorge as well!
by Liv January 10, 2004
A band of five young&sex boys that are also nice and intelligent and they sing&play very well. They are THE BEST OF THE MODERN AGE!!!!!!
they know what is the rock music!!!!
by alex December 19, 2003
Most intelligent band of all time that makes incredibly great music.
The Strokes rock my life.
by themodernage November 14, 2003
The incredible band that you have to be a complete dipshit to not like. They have some kind of genre all their own, that can't be described as rock and roll or alternative. They have released so many great song like reptilia, heart in a cage, juicebox, and last nite just to name a few. They are a fucking awesome band and if you haven't heard their music then you should start listening.
-Dude i went to the strokes concert last night and it fucking ruled
-Dude, the strokes suck
-Yo you suck
-(sigh) your right. I'm gonna go shove a parking cone up my ass. And the strokes do rule by the way.
by JB!!!!!!!!!!! March 01, 2008
THE STROKES!!!! hehe
by ..::Emma::.. March 12, 2004
The strokes are a garage rock/post-punk band, formed in 1998. Also along with the white stripes brought back mainstream media interest in garage rock. And many other garage rock bands and post-punk bands became big along with them. in 2001 the strokes realeased is this it. The album has notable songs like last nite,hard to explain and nyc cops. The bands music and style has influenced the majority of music to after in the 2000s. The bands dress style is usually somewhat 70s retro,vintage. So a certain style would be blazers or a leather jacket with skinny jeans and chuck. taylors. The strokes may be the #1 reason you might see lots of guys dressed that way.
Other 2000s bands like the strokes are the libertines,arctic monkeys,the hives,interpol,franz ferdinand,the killers,tokyo police club.
by sage thunder November 07, 2010
Yo dawg, my girl came over last night and we had the strokes while listening to the strokes!
by Cal Casablancas April 04, 2011
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