a NOUN for the act of the ejaculation of the penis.
you don't have to worry about getting the girl pregnant if you pull out and let her face take the storm
by chori May 14, 2007
Top Definition
n. - A group of people who live each day to the fullest and live without worries and regrets of life. They never lose sight of hope and continuously find the brightest moments in the darkest of times. Have huge influences in others lives and they encourage this way of life. Can be distinguished by wearing of a HOPE bracelet.
Girl (to friend)- "man, I had such a shitty day... then some guys came up to me and made me smile and laugh. My day has been better since..."

Friend "did they have a HOPE bracelet on?

Girl "Yeah, funny enough they all had matching bracelets."

Friend "that was The Storm
by bmlightning January 02, 2011
When you inhale, at the early beginnings of a chesty cough, and can hear the sound of thunder in your chest, due to build up of phlegm and general coughy germs.
*Chesty cough*
Person 1: "Wow, you gotta cough?"
Person 2: "Yeah, the storm is coming!"
by hellodaave March 16, 2010
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