A slang term for diarrhea ~ runny poop that comes shooting out of your asshole often accompanied by a fart and sometimes unexpected.
I have a tummy upset, I'm suffering with the squirts real bad.
by d_girl August 10, 2006
Top Definition
The politically correct way to say "Violent diarrhea."
Excuse me, i have Violent Diarrhea....WRONG!

Excuse me, i have "The Squirts"....RIGHT!
by AnonymousHippopotamus December 10, 2006
Nasty, Fiery, Flamming, Flowing yud that comes out of your asscrack. Causing major, deadly smells, and the feel that your ass is on fire! May come in variety of colors. Also known as hershey squirts. Mmmm Mmmm goooood!
"Awh, Shit! Plug your nose, I got the squirts"
by afterx3glow March 05, 2009
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