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Wanking to the point of self harm.

When one has wanked ones self to the point where the foreskin tears/splits in one, or several locations not unlike lips splitting in cold weather. Continuing to wank in the face this affliction can lead to further splits as well as a slight sting when urine or seamen makes contact with said wound.

Often appears unwelcome and unannounced and is only cured through a period of abstinence.
To wank, perphance to cum...oh wait i've got the splits.
by The Finishers January 11, 2009
When one's urine stream is divided/diverted in > 1 direction.
The challenge is to recognize it quickly & get the majority if not all of the urine in the toilet bowl. Piss shivers have the same effect.
Whoa, in the middle of the night I had a wicked case of the splits & peed all over the floor, wall & toilet.
by TMoneyID April 05, 2010
A sexual position to be done by very skilled gymnasts/acrobats only. The girl stands on her head and spreads her legs open to do the splits, while the guy stands and puts his dick in her.
Milly and Jack did the splits last night at the bar.
by Chaotic Good Half Elf Mage January 18, 2012
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