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When a girl gives a guy head with a condom on his penay.
Megan: What did you two do last night after you left?
Caitlin: Well he drove me home and we got in the back seat and we did The Spina!
by wizyo June 07, 2013
A girl Or woman (usually Greek) that contains a very large amount of swagger. Thespinas' are smart, funny, pretty, and cool girls. They tend to have best friends who are opposite of them in characteristics (such as hair and eye color). They are also theatrical considering the similarity to the word thespian. A Thespina may also have the tendency to break out in song.
Girl 1- Did you know the main actress in the play last night?
Girl 2- Yeah....that's Thespina..

Guy 1- Who's the new girl?
Guy 2- THATS Thespina:)
by GreekGirlSwag101 May 12, 2011