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The correct answer to the much over used term, whats up?
now some people might comment that the ceiling is up, not the sky. but the sky is above the ceiling, justifying the statement.
Man 1: Dude, whats up?
Man 2: uh...? The Sky.
Man 1: no, the ceiling
Man 2: but the sky is above the ceiling.
Man 3: DUDE, WHATS UP!!!
Man 2: Ugh....
by KyberKhaos November 20, 2007
a fucking nerd
a loser at life
should kill him self?
sucks a lot of dick..
cock grabs a guy name cycberdeath
loves getting fucked by katlyn with a dildo
<The-Sky> im a big gay lover
<The-Sky> Zer0 owns me?
by zeroeh the winner October 13, 2004
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