a television show on fox that USED to be funny, about 7 years ago. this is a show that is way past its prime and needs to be cancelled immediately if any simpsons fans are going to have any fond memories of the show, instead of being force fed the current crap every sunday at 8:00pm.
the simpsons suck now
by Jon January 16, 2004
an AWESOME show, my favourite episodes are the one with Homer's day, Lisa's day and Bart's day (A Trilogy of Error), and the one with everyone scared of Fat Tony's son (The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and Her Homer).

I record all the Simpsons episodes, its so freakin awesome
by Computergirl July 04, 2013
TV classic thats still running today..so popular that the entire USA knows how hip and cool bart is, even more historic than disney's mickey..filled with so much laughs people still continue to watch its reruns for the 99th time for the past 20 years!
The Simpsons best scene ever:

(While Homer was attempting his perfect bowling game)

Lenny: "Miss! Miss!, This split you sold me is making me choke!"

Carl: "Can you at least call it a banana split?!"

Lenny: "What? I paid $7.10 for that split, so SPARE ME your GUTTER mouth!"

(Ball hits Lenny in balls)
by koikaze November 13, 2010
The girl is laying down giving the guy a blow job and the guy lays his balls on the divot in her man-chin. This move works best if the girl has a crease in her man-chin.

Last night Jessica was giving me a hummer when I gave her the Simpson.
by B Machine February 07, 2009
A once-sidesplitting show that is, sadly, beginning to grow stale and has the earmarks of becoming increasingly redundant.
Family Guy was better than the Simpsons.
by tradesman November 22, 2003
1. A good show, well USED TO BE. UPN playes the same Season 15 episodes and has been for the last month and have been playing throuhought the year. I am SO SICK of these horrible episodes. I am no longer watching the show, but when some different episodes come on, I'll go back.
Season 15 is getting old, really old!
by Ablative 3 May 27, 2005
a once great and innovative show that has now become stale with terrible jokes.
the simpsons is one of the worst shows on tv now.
by thegreatmonkey November 21, 2004
A show that used to be inventive and funny until 2000 when matt groening(quote) "wanted to make it faster and funnier" which ruined the show and turned it into a family guy clone.
source of quote: Simpsons dvd.


guy1:dude did you see the old episode of The simpsons?

guy2: YEAH IT RULED!!!

guy1:Did you see the new episode?

guy2:Yeah, It sucked.
by bob November 26, 2003

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