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The Shovel or Shoveling is the contra to "putting the pussy on the pedestal." Shoveling is a technique to make girls want you. In order to shovel a girl what you have to do is act disinterested in that girl. Shoveling is a more advanced male version of playing hard to get. This is an affective way to drive even the hottest girls crazy because everyone knows that what girls want most is what they cant have, and the hotter the girl the more effective the Shoveling is.
One way to "Shovel" a girl is say your texting her. Start out just normally texting her but then slowly wait longer and longer to text her back; wait five minutes for a couple texts then maybe ten or twenty then wait around two hours or so to text back. The real key is to act like you have better things to do then talk to and think about her. I can guarantee that the entire time you are not texting her back all she'll be able to do is think about what you're doing and why you aren't texting back. This will absolutely make her crazy for you, and if you don't belive me explain this to any girl you know and she'll confirm everything about The Shovel.
by Gee-Faduhh July 17, 2010
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