what god listens to when he's feeling down.
god:jesus christ this is good!

jesus:yeah,i know.thank god for the shins....

god:don't mention it...
by nicholas warunek March 27, 2007
An amazing indie band. Oh, Inverted World was their first success, and the follow-up Chutes Too Narrow was revered by indie fans and critics alike. They have just released Wincing the Night Away, which while IMO is not quite as good as Chutes Too Narrow, is still a lot better than almost all other music out there today.
It really pisses off people who have been listening to them for quite a while that they're getting so popular with posers who like to latch onto semi-indie bands (the same tragic thing happened with Death Cab for Cutie). The movie Garden State is mostly to blame for this, although shows like the OC and Grey's Anatomy have been ruining good bands for quite some time now.
1)Girl Sailor is the best song you've never heard
Loser: So, I'm pretty into Indie stuff right now...
Actual Music Fan: Oh really, what are you listening to right now?
Loser: ...uh... The Shins!
Actual Music Fan: Oh, really? (suspiciously) How'd you hear about them?
Loser: Garden State
Actual Music Fan: (sarcastically) Wow! You're sooo alternative... (walks away)
by Actual Indie Fan May 14, 2007
as a certain girl I know says, "Only the greatest band ever."
Me: What band is this?
Girl: It's the shins, only the greatest band ever.
by Coffman August 06, 2007
A truly original and forever great alternative/indie band. Albums include Oh, Inverted World, Chutes Too Narrow, and Wincing the Night Away. I suggest listening to "Australia" for starters. Their music is also featured in Garden State, which is a good movie but seriously people, you'd have no idea about The Shins if it wasn't for Zach Braff.
Emily: I love the Shins. Sleeping lessons is such a good song. Yanno?
Derek: Who? WHAT?
Emily: Never mind.
Derek: Oh wait, Sleeping Lessons! That Zune commercial!
Emily: Oh... my God.
Derek: Aren't they in Garden State, too? That movie with Scrubs guy?
The process of Emily's brain imploding on itself thus ensues.
by blahblahblahhhhhhr4634 July 24, 2009
The Shins N.Another extremely overrated indie band, unfortunatley made famous by the "tries way to hard to seem indie and quirky" movie Garden State. With a couple nice songs were deemed the god of "indie bands" Their song New Slang featured in the movie, was called "a song that would change your life" although hardly anyone knows what the song is even about, but you seem to meet a lot of Shins fans who like them because it seemed cool.
Shins Fan: That movie was right, New Slang like changes your life. All of The Shins songs their songs are so good.

Me: Whats so life changing? Do you even understand the lyrics?

Shins Fan, singing to the song: "New slang when you notice the stripes..."
by The Telephone Wires December 25, 2007
dying from within emo harcore... <whimper>
(see "emo")
"Oh, Inverted World" - come on.
by Martin Hoff March 04, 2005

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