Shortened name for Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA.
"The parking at the 'sex sucks wicked bad today, man. You're lucky if you get G Lot."
by J Robes December 02, 2004
The sex- to be all that or the shit the coolest thing in the room
"Olivia thinks shes the sex...oh she's basic"
by foodforhaz July 30, 2013
A word used to big something/someone up.

The emo way of saying "sexy" "attractive" "buff".
Person 1: Fran you are the sex in those converse
Fran: You are the sex in that hat
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
Someone who arouses intense sexual desires and urges. aphrodisiacal. An object, place or style that is strongly appealing. Possessing qualities of extreme sexiness.
Tina thinks Brandon is THE sex.
by TinaNicole November 09, 2006
1) something mindblowing
2) something orgasmic
3) something that's too cool for sayings like "cool" or "hot"
it's just too good to fit into these lame categories
"that concert last night was the sex!"

"my grandma's waffles are the sex!"

"my new pants are the sex!"
by MusicForO2 April 07, 2008
an even better version of the shit like the shit x 1000000000
devon is the sex! i love her
by SeanLovesDevon April 15, 2006
something amazingly awesome and cool times a million and you cant just say that...
that tangerine colored crayon is THE SEX
my tan has stayed on for 2 weeks since vacation... that is the sex!
that "emo" picture we just took for, mal, is the sex
by delaney! April 02, 2005
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