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The Sacred Six is a game played whilst ganjing between two or more ganjsters. The game consists of five components: the Act, the Call, the Elaboration Approval, the Explanation, and the Answer. The players include the “Actor”, and the “Callers”.

The Actor is a player who decides to “pull” one of the Sacred Six. The Caller(s) are the remaining players left ganjing and are assigned the duty to recognise and identify which one of the Sacred Six has been pulled by the Actor.

The Sacred Six components are the following:

• Occasional Fuckery – A very in depth and elaborate “headfuck” whereby the Actor performs a well-orchestrated ruse to completely manipulate and shock the would-be Caller/Callers.
E.g. There are 5 pre rolled joints and after smoking 3 a player would recognise an opportune moment to “pull” an Occasional Fuckery. Said player would then assume responsibility of the Actor and claim that there is only 1 more joint left, to the shock of the other players involved (now the possible Callers).

• Trollin’ – An absurd and ridiculous statement, comment or question that has the sole intention to evoke a reaction, similar to the Internet troll. As a rule of thumb, Trollin’ is generally called by the Caller far earlier than an Occasional Fuckery.
E.g. Claiming to not feel the effects of the ganj whilst quite obviously doing something only a ganjed cunt would do.
*After having smoked 3/5 joints*
Jake - "Bro there's only one jay left"
Nilz - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *whilst pointing*
Jake - *Smiles and points back approvingly*
Nilz - "Hmmm... Occasional Fuckery!!!"
Jake - "Well played you ganjster"

by The Ganjsters September 29, 2011
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