The Ramones were a hugely influential punk rock band, formed in Forest Hills, Queens, New York in January 1974. They played their first concert at the Performance Studio in New York on March 30, 1974. They led the New York punk movement and are often credited with forming the musical foundation of punk (see protopunk). The original band members all adopted Ramone as a surname although they were not actually brothers:

Joey Ramone (May 19, 1951 - April 15, 2001) (real name Jeffrey Hyman) (vocals)
Johnny Ramone (October 8, 1948 - September 15, 2004) (real name John Cummings) (guitar)
Dee Dee Ramone (September 18, 1952 - June 5, 2002) (real name Douglas Glenn Colvin) (bass guitar) (1974-1989)
Tommy Ramone (January 29, 1952) (real name Thomas Erdelyi) (drums) (1974-1978)
Later band members also adopted the name:

Marky Ramone (July 15, 1956) (real name Marc Bell) (Later replaced Tommy and Elvis on drums) (1978-1983, 1987-1996)
Richie Ramone (August 11, 1957) (real name Richard Reinhardt) (Later replaced Marky on drums) (1983-1987)
Elvis Ramone (November 24, 1955) (real name Clem Burke) (Later replaced Richie on drums) (1987)
C.J. Ramone (October 8, 1965) (real name Christopher John Ward) (Later replaced Dee-Dee on bass) (1989-1996)
An earlier member, Ritchie, left the band before the first recording (not related to the Richie Ramone, above). "Here lies Ritchie Ramone" can be seen on a cartoon drawing of a gravestone on the innersleeve of the 'Rocket to Russia' album

Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone) suggested the name, inspired by the fact that Paul McCartney used to call himself Paul Ramone (although some accounts say Paul Ramon) when he was in the Silver Beatles.

The Ramones pioneered a straightforward, stripped-down sound that was a far cry from the virtuosic musicianship and complex instrumentation that 1970s rock music had become known for. It heralded a raw, loud, fast and direct sound often reminiscent of 1950s-early 1960s rock and roll or bubblegum pop. Joey Ramone has stated the Ramones were rather taken with the Bay City Rollers' hit song "Saturday Night," and set out to imitate its catchy, sing-a-long quality.
woah the ramones kick soooo much ass!
by daniel from garland October 10, 2005
Pioneer punk band with "The KKK took my baby away" and "I wanna be sedated" their best work.
I always put on the ramones CD when the Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking on my door.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
Really Cool Band
by Susan August 24, 2003
The band that started a revolution, and hey, there guitarist is probably the only rock guitarist who cannot ever be accused of ripping black music becuase he merged his influences to his own unique style of playing.
The Ramones are a great band.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
An honest definition

Common Misconception 1: They didnt start punk.
The First punk band, despite what some FOOLS say. Yes, folks, I am talking about certain people who think that punk started in the UK with artists who came after (but are still awesome) like the Sex Pistols or The Clash. True, some genres began to form punk like glitter rock, and artists that came just before them like Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls influenced them, but it's not like that was pure punk; it was developing punk, pre-punk if you like. The Ramones all liked the New York Dolls, and Joey Ramone was in a glitter rock band called Snyper before the Ramones even formed.

Common Misconception 2: They only knew 3 chords.
True, their songs were sometimes 3 chords, but not always. This doesn't mean they only 'knew' 3 chords; they were trying to strip rock back to its basics was the reason they formed. No, Johnny wasn't a bad player; check out his guitar technique! Totally revolutionary. But anyway, even if they did 'only know 3 chords', WHAT DOES THAT MATTER? The music is still good, the lyrics arent bad. It's not like they were D-U-M-B or something.

I am sick of everyone criticizing these legends! They were truly a great band with some awesome riffs and hooks. And I don't care that Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny are dead, I'm defending their music! So FUCK OFF haters!
Deadbeat Fool: Hey, the Ramones werent punk! And, uh, no, I don't live in my mom's basement complaining about The Ramones all day...i *do* have a life!
by Rachel_isapunkrocker March 27, 2008
A really neat band with amusing songs, and the stars of Rock 'n' Roll High School, the best movie ever. Some annoying people claim to like the Ramones, but barely know anything about them and have only heard one or two of their songs.
Adolescent #1: The Ramones are such a great band.
Adolescent #2: I think so too. What's your favorite song?
Adolescent #1: "I Wanna Be Sedated," lolz. What's yours?
Adolescent #2: "Pinhead."
Adolescent #1: I don't know that one.
by Aster M. September 04, 2005
One of the first and best punk bands of all time. Origionally consisting of 4 members named Joey(Vocals), Johnny(Guitarist), Ritchie(Bassist), and Tommy(Drummer). Ritchie got kicked out because he sucked at bass and couldn't pick up, and was replaced with Dee Dee.Tommy soon left the band to become the manager/producer and Marky took his place. Them Marky got kicked out for being to much of a drunk, then Richie took his place. Richie left the band and Marky Returned. Soon after, Dee Dee left the band to take a life in rap under the name Dee Dee King, and was replaced with C.J. All of the Ramones took the last name of Ramone. Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee are all now dead.
SONGS: Blitzkrieg Bop, I Want to be Sedated, We're a Happy Family, Warthog, Somebody Put Something in my Drink, Pinhead, Commando

SLOGANS: Hey, Ho, Let's Go, Gabba Gabba Hey!!!

by George Bush is a FUCKING FACIST!!! September 02, 2005

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