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An ongoing competition between dating couples, as observed by their friends, to see which couple can gain the most weight since the beginning of their relationship. Usually caused by no longer needing to look attractive for potential dates.

One may often notice, after a couple breaks up, they drop out of The Race and return to slimmer figures.
Friend 1: Did you see how fat Adam and Julie have gotten since they started dating?
Friend 2: Yeah, they've definitely joined The Race. Though Maria and Jack have been making a comeback since swim season ended and the dining hall started serving ice cream again.
by deph77 February 05, 2008
If someone has almost finished the race, they have almost finished puberty.
You normally begin the race 11-13 years old.
You can try to slow down the race by shaving etc.
Example of the race:

Dom. Cantwell is running the wrong race
by falseteeth September 26, 2007
The race that begins when you flush the toilet before you're done pissing and you're trying to finish before the toilet flush completes.
GDI, I always have to flush twice cause I can't win the race.
by suryamp July 11, 2013

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