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1. A social area in the basement of Williams Hall at U-W Rock County where nerdy or geeky type people go to hang out together.

2. A fucked up place where homework does not get done.

3. A place where everything you say can becomes a sexual innuendo.

4. Where boobs are sacred and PIE IS EATEN!!!!!
1. "I'm going to go hang out at the pit after class"

2. "I would have done my homework but I went to the pit instead."

3. "In-YOUR-indo."

by turtlemanlover45 April 19, 2011
A place in pine bush(guilderland,schnectady New York in a development called dbella in the woods behind
A place where teenagers hang out at night and smoke pot and get wasted and have fun.
Yo man you going to the pit tonight to get blazeddd?
by YouKnowMeWell July 10, 2008
Shortened form of moshpit
The pit was insane - I was in there for 7 hours!
by The Saviour June 02, 2007
Where all the day student preps (freshmen) from Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter) hang out. It's pretty much the coolest place..old couchs and booths..crazily painted walls..all that good stuff. Unfortunately, The Pit will cease to exist come this spring..oh well..it was good while it lasted.
Day Student 1-"Let's go to the d-hall for lunch"
Day Student 2-"Yeah, then we'll hit up The Pit afterwards"
by New Hampshirite September 09, 2005