a place or situation that is lousy, boring, loathsome etc (from armpits)
That store is the pits.
by The Return of Light Joker December 19, 2007
A metaphorical state of being "trapped" in an on and off relationship.
Adam and Evelyn are in an 8 month relationship. Due to arguments or just pure lust, Adam breaks up with Evelyn to try "something new". He then realizes that his new girl isn't as great as Evelyn, he then takes her back. Two months later John breaks up with Evelyn again, this time because he's noticing more and more flaws. He then finds himself yet ANOTHER new girl. And he gets bored of her as well and goes back to Evelyn, and this vicious cycle continues until one of them ends it for good. And gets them out of The Pit.
by Juan C Rodriguez October 12, 2008
A place where IT BURNS.
Ganon: No! Not the pit! IT BURRRNNNNS!
by thefellow3j September 26, 2011
The sunken area in Harvard square by the Harvard red line stop. Full of teenage punks, junkies, and the occasional street performer.
This homeless guy tried to grope me while i was hanging in the Pit.
by l'anana December 21, 2006
The dent a fat man/woman makes underneath their feet when he/she jumps on a trampoline.
I was having fun at the trampoline park until I fell into The Pit.
by EnderFlop November 15, 2014
A place where all the pot ridden druggies around the Pittsford Village area go to smoke. It is basically a foot path through the "woods" where piles of gravel can be found usually surrounded by grassy weeds and thin trees. The ocassional homemade bong can be found in the pit. The pit is located between the gas station and Del monte, under the railroad bridge, and up a paved path with a closed metal gate in front of it. The pit has been raided by the cops a few times so many stoners tend to go to the Crackhouse instead.
"Dude I'm about to roll some fatties, join me in the pit."
"nah dude, the cops raided that place a while ago, lets go to the crackhouse."
by Pittsfordian123 December 10, 2012
the ultimate in suckiness. The scrapings from the barrel.
Who cares about Britney Spears getting divorced again? Her music is the pits!
by Starpunk November 07, 2006

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