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A person that promises to get you a sack of weed but extracts an exorbitant "toll" or delivery tax (aka sack tax) without your express permission, by pinching choice buds out and leaving you with sadness. This tax can be upwards of a third of your sack. They've also been known to cover up ther handywork, by putting stems, sticks or pebbles in your sack to accomodate for the lost weight.

This person most often also expects the buyer to smoke him out after the sale of said pilfered bag. The after sale smoke out is customary with any weed transaction, but it stings like salt in a wound when the Pinch expects it even though both you and he know that he has pinched upwards of a third of what is rightly yours.
Gregg: Dude look at this paltry sack Geoff R. just brought over.

Dave: (Laughing) Didn't you know that Geoff is the Pinch Who Stole Christmas?

Gregg: Apparently not. To make matters worse he hung around, not making eye contact for an hour until I couldn't stand it anymore and smoked him out just to make him leave.

Dave: (Still laughing) Yup sounds like the handiwork of the Pinch Who Stole Christmas
by BigBlackBlick October 21, 2010
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