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Get a willing party to give you head with skittles in there mouth. Just as you are about to spew your stomache pancakes... kick them in the gut. They will spray the contents of their mouth on you. Stick a paintbrush up your ass and sniff some model airplane glue.
I wined and dined my best friends grandma. She was so turned on by the fifth of Hennessey I fed her she wanted to go straight home and do the Picasso.
by FILTHYPIG October 08, 2006
The act of ejaculating on one of your partners cheeks then dipping the tip of your Johnson in the seman like a paint brush, then drawing a image on the other cheek constantly dipping your man sausage on the other one like a paint palate.
Hey did you here what happend to noelle

No what?
Her dad caught her boyfriend picassoing her face and he joined in

Hmm maybe il try it on Kristina when she passes out from her next alcohol binge

Hey look what I did to billy while he was asleep

O shit you picassoed the fuck out of it !!
Yea I think this is my best work yet -___-

Have you heard of the Picasso?
Hell yea I do it to my sister all the time you should join me next time
Sweet il come over tomorrow to help out
by Tx A n T i xT March 01, 2012
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