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The Perfect Storm is created whenever many activities that individually would cause one to shit are combined into one ridiculous brew. A Perfect Storm could be created after a heavy night of drinking when someone decides they want to eat taco bell, smoke lots of cigarettes, drink a venti coffee, and then go on a long walk. The Perfect Storm is normally an emergency situation.
Guy 1: 'What the hell bro!'
Guy 2: 'What?'
Guy 1: 'i just realized that I have the Perfect Storm brewin"
Guy 2: 'bummmer man. your goose is cooked. this long walk has led us an hour away from a decent toilet.'
by hansmuff@krampus.com March 22, 2011
3 3
When 2 or more people release a rancid fart in a close proximity to each other.
dude, roll down the windows, we've just created the perfect storm!
by zwon December 05, 2008
12 8
When an individual sits down on the toilet and anticipates a "no wipe" condition. In doing so they flush the toilet as the bowl exits the colon and in a brief maneuver they stand up and exit the room, often in the amount of time it takes just to just take a leak.
Shit man that was fast!!! Dude I had the perfect storm....yea I just dropped one...NO WAY
by Surf Taco January 17, 2010
3 1
When one takes a horrendous shit and after wiping their ass the toilet paper is blank.
Hey dude I didn't use up all you're toilet paper this time because I just had The Perfect Storm!
by billybobbitchtits January 06, 2011
2 1