when your doing a girl in the butt, punch her in the back and bust on it...bruise is blue, blood is red, and bust is white
i punched this girl real hard while i was doing her, she had a patriot for a weeks
by pat May 06, 2004
a sexual action that requires a horse. While doing a girl up the butt you slap her across the back so that red and white stripes appear. Then you beat her left shoulder until it is black and blue. When you both are done you rip her backskin off, jump on your horse and ride away victorious waving your makeshift american flag.
Man, my friend actually tried the patriot on his girlfriend last night and the bitch ended up in the hospital.
by Sean Glennon October 27, 2007
When you choke a girl till she's blue punch her nose till she's bleeding then ejaculating on her face. The end result is a red, white and blue mess that may or may not resemble an American Flag.
I was so horny on the 4th of July that I gave a random girl The Patriot!
by George "Badass MOFO" Washington January 26, 2015

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