leet ass motherfucker who owns at anything he does
Yo, thepassion never has to put the run on.


Fayz just got owned by thepassion in chess.
by thepassion November 18, 2004
Top Definition
An emotional feeling for man who has a passion for giving women oral pleasure. This "passion" can be confused very easily when talking about oral pleasure as a man cannot simply like it. He must love it. Or simply have a raging passion for it. The passion is rare amongst men but when in full force a womans orgasm has no where to hide.
"Ive never experienced an orgasm quite like a man with The Passion"
by shagsshagsshags August 22, 2011
the act of our Lord, Jesus Christ giving his life and thus conquering death after rising again on the thrid day
The Passion is celebrated on Good Friday.
by focé May 06, 2007
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