an intriguing novel of social class differences, always to be quoted in akward situations, such as:
a fat girl just told you she loves you, you respond with "sometimes i like it better when the old man's hittin' me. atleast then he knows i'm alive."
and she responds with go home.

and thus, young children, stay gold.
johnny from the outsiders : yeah, whatevs. atleast I GOT A KNIFE! I AINT NEVAAAA SCARED, WHAT?
johnny: i'm cooler than them socks from ms. wrights class. that's WASSUPPPP.
by babii gurrrrl December 21, 2006
Top Definition
A book wrote in the 1960s by S.E. Hinton, a then 15 year old girl. One of the most powerful novels of all time about a 60s gang of "wrong side of the tracks" guys in the southwest.
I just read the Outsiders. It changed my life.
by Allison is an Emo Rocker March 10, 2005
A book about a gang of 'greasers' just trying to get by. Fought with the 'Socs' or the 'rich bitches'of the neighborhood. Written by S.E. Hinton in the 1960s. Ponyboy, Sodapop, Dally, Johnny, etc. Made into a movie in 1983, considered one of the first real 'brat pack' movies. Rob Lowe, Patrick Swaysze, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estavez,Matt Dillion were all cast in the movie.
"They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong." -The Outsiders
by ladyknight1010 January 10, 2006
a wonderful book writen by S.C. Hinton tht is in my opinion a story so true that you cannot help but shed a tear. The Characters are so well created and you feel like youve met the 14 year old Ponyboy. I strongly suggest reading it!
This book is breathtaking and sad and all these different things: Happy, Sad, Funny, true, false, ect.
One of the best books you'll ever read with a lot of sexy men ;)
The Outsiders was the best book ive ever read!

"As i stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house i only had two thigs on my mind:Paul newman & a ride home..."
by Bakala! February 27, 2006
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