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The Orphan is an expert form of masturbation developed at the dormitory of Shasta College. It is rumored to be practiced by Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga.

It is an evolved form of the move "The Stranger" in which the arm stays underneath during the entirety of your performance.

Steps for performing The Orphan:
First, find a comfortable chair.
Second, reach your hand underneath your rear end until it becomes numb and you lose feeling, while still retaining motion,
Third, grab your penis between your legs.
Fourth, move your hand back and forth while continuing to squeeze firmly.
Fifth, do not remove your hand at any point in time.
Dan did not have anything to do on Friday night, so he tried to perfect the orphan...unfortunately, he used a belt sander.
by The Hairy Scary Orphan Man November 21, 2009
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A movie that will no doubt tank in the box office, this movie will suck so bad it will be released on VHS rather than DVD.
Wow, i cant believe dustin hoffman saw the orphan.
by sc00tert00ter July 24, 2009
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