King of the free peoples of Rohan, resides in the Golden Hall of Meduseld. Father to Theodred, Uncle to Eomer and Eowyn.
Hail Theoden King!
by Captain Blasto January 13, 2004
Top Definition
An act made famous by the Norse god Odin also known as Oden Viking Warrior--the supreme god and creator in Norse mythology. In this inhumane act, a person goes back door on a fellow female comrade. Right before the bestower is about to extract seminal fluid into the unsuspecting victim, he chops the female receptacle's head off causing her anal cavity to tighten, giving much pleasure to the person performing the act.
If The Oden is just a myth, then maybe i dont want to be living in this boring world.
by Old Norse Õthinn November 06, 2006
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