(n): acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles
"I heard Magic Johnson caught the ninja"
by Tommy March 25, 2003
Top Definition
A sex position where a dildo and a light switch is needed closed by. With the lights off proceed to have doggystyle sex with a woman and with a swift David Copperfield-esque motion, pull-out and stick the dildo in her so she thinks you are still in her. Then walk around to her front, switch on the lights, punch her in the face and yell, NINJA!!!
If The Ninja was done right, the mornings conversation should go like this:

Guy-"I totally Ninja'd you last night"
Girl-"You totally did"
by Command Center February 24, 2009
A Transmitted Disease Which Is Acquired By Either Having Sex Or Getting In Contact With An Infected Persons Blood aka The Ninja
Brian: Dude Help!
Angelo:What's Wrong?
Brian: I Don't Know Man, I Just Slept With Melanie!!!
Angelo: Dude I Think You Just Got The Ninja!!!
Brian: Dude I Can't Feel My Dick!!!
Angelo: Its A Good Thing I These Got Ninja Proof Condoms At Walmart For 7.99.
by Ibetatestedyourmother November 29, 2007
The act a man pulls off when lying in bed with a woman fingering her and then slips his dick in so fast she never has a chance to say she didnt want to go that far.
she was nervous when i started touching her so i knew i would have to be stealth to get anywhere else, my fingers layed the distraction and the ninja got the action.
by Sir wiggles May 25, 2008
A raging case of herpies. They are called the ninja's because they sneak up on you when you least expect it, and put a hurtin on you...
Yo watch out for that bitch, I heard she got a raging case the of the ninjas.
by Pete Boy February 15, 2007
A concoction of one part vodka, one part orange juice, and one part Moxie, often done in a triple shot glass. Called such for its ability to stealthily overcome you before you even know it.
You ever heard of the Ninja?

I only had a couple at the party last night but I STILL got crazy drunk...
by RuPaul October 26, 2008
When you're jacking off in lecture hall, and a fat chick near you has her ass crack hanging out, you procede to blow your load in her crack while making a sneezing noise.
Dude, I was in lecture today, and totally pulled off the ninja.
by Rich-o November 29, 2007
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