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You are thrusting the girl in the ass as hard as you possibly can, with no lube or contraceptive, the giver leans over the top of the recievers head inserting their right middle and index finger into the recievers nostrals. With your left hand, you constantly punch / jab her in the stomach. Once she finally falls over and dies or becomes unconscious, guzzle down at least a pint to liter of honey and vomit all over her.

Thus creating "TheManBearPig (A combination of "The Pig" and "The Bear"
Jack: I gave your mom The ManBearPig last night!

Fred: You what?

Jack: Yea, I didn't want to get my hand wet from her mouth so I put it in her nose like The Pig.

Fred: You ate the honey and threw up on her just like The Bear!?

Jack: Yea, it was gross and threw up more!
by Sharkbeam September 23, 2009
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