The plural of "The Man", the oppressor of black people the world over. The man cannot continue to exert control over the masses in singular form, so he's taken to double and triple teaming unsuspecting black folks.
Jesse: "Hey man, how is Rudy's new job working out for him?"

Linwood: "It was going fine, til he put in for a promotion, now "The Men" done had him written up three times in two months for all kind of bogus mess". "He even got written up for writing his lunch order on company paper".
by kentaylor October 01, 2007
"The Man" is anyone and everyone who keeps ya down...he fired you for no reason, his politics are nonsense, and the media works for him. The Man is very real...take him down!
Visit for plenty of examples...we've got ya covered on how to take down "the Man!"
by Mike from August 04, 2009
Slang term that usually only a male would use, meaning: my penis, my dick, my cock, etc. It's an inside joke between guys that know about it, that your penis can be personified (e.g. "Mr. Happy", "Agent 009", "Deep Diver Man"). A penis is much like a person, it has feeling's; after all it's a mans, too.
blow the mans, bitch.
by TonecasT June 12, 2004
The program center manager at Temple University's alumni call center. He has an entire staff of callers under him and can get into buildings hours after they close. He looks Mexican, but don't be fooled, he's Italian, and not that guido Italian either, fuck a GTL
Guy 1: Yo you know that that cat from temple?

Guy 2:Na, but I heard he's the Man
by DJ major January 25, 2011
“The Man” has many definitions. It all depends on who is being asked. To those in older generations, “the Man” is the government as an oppressing force. But the current youth of America prefers another definition. This new “Man” has a positive connotation, unlike his predecessor.
Urban dictionary says “the Man” is a complimentary term for people who would be described as “the bomb” or “the s***,” being they are all around great, likable people. Issues with this are that “the Man” is singular. There is no “the Men.” There will be great people in any place visited, but there is only one “the Man.”
Sources say he lives in Greenwich, C.T. currently. It is confirmed that he originated in the semi-cold region of Brecksville, Ohio; a long way north of his present position. It is there that he began to develop his signature tendencies. Naturally he was predispositioned to be wonderful from the beginning. With a smile to melt hearts and eyes that took everything in, the curly haired boy (now around the age of adulthood) grew up ready to take hold of the title rightfully his.
Before he became “the Man,” he was becoming more and more suitable for the prestigious title. Between athletics, academics, and a booming social life, this Man (let’s call him David) was being nurtured for excellence. David played Varsity water polo and baseball his senior year. Meanwhile he swam Varsity all four years of high school. He maintained a reasonable grade point average and received above average SAT scores. All universities David applied to were eager to accept him. They knew the quality of the teenager. Universities weren’t the only ones to notice David.
In Ohio, David was not only accepted, but admired. He was who boys wanted to be and girls wanted to be with. Everything was at his feet and in his hands. He was well-liked for his outgoing personality and charming character. Behind the boyish good looks was a boy on the rise to greatness. To become the man he is now, David tackled a single challenge that would revolutionize the world he knew and loved .
Just before his Junior year, David relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut; a place with brand new rules. It took a few weeks of adjustment, but David settled into his new life. Understandably, he was not immediately fond of his new town. It was not his home and he had to start over again. Ups and downs followed his Junior year (or so sources say), as he was not as established as back in Brecksville, Ohio. Head never down, David continued on.
Eventually the tumult stopped around Senior year. No one knows if it was real tumult he felt, because David has a mysterious exterior, but it is known around the beginning of Senior year there was a shift around him. He was known for more positive details (there had been mild drama the year before) and had an additional spring in his step. Was it the start of a school year? Had he met knew people? No one knows for sure.
Regardless of what brought about the more optimistic approach to life, David was on the brink of something. He had often referred to himself as “the Man,” but it was easily laughed off. All teenage boys (and some confused girls) label themselves as “the Man” in hopes that they will one day own the title. David, on the other hand, knew he was the rightful one to claim the title.
David has always been compassionate, but hard when he needs to be. He trusts, unless given reason not to. Motivated in certain aspects, but lethargic in others, he often gives every area of his life a new approach. When he hurts others he tries his best to make up for it. In one particular wrong doing, he worked relentlessly to make up to a specific female. His efforts were unending and his heart was wide open, but it was not waiting to be forgiven. To this day, he does not believe in waiting for anything. He will go and make it happen. Fate is a pretty ideal, but if David wants something he will find a way to obtain it.
David’s life is complex and in many parts. From a complicated childhood (don’t we all have a complication somewhere?) to the easy adolescence; from the tranquil early teenage years to the mystification of later youth; and finally to an encouraging adulthood.
At age 18, David’s life is nearly perfect. He is settled within his school and community. Family life is in concert and his social life is collectively perfect. He has the world at his feet once again. This time it is a different perfection than he knew in Ohio. In Ohio, flawlessness was given to him naturally. In Connecticut, he had to work for it. He made mistakes, fought for his wants, and challenged what he desired. He grew up within the move to New England into someone worthy of the prestigious title that brings this article.
“The Man” is not just anyone. He is someone of significance and reputation. His character is not flawless, but he does not mind accepting or working on it. He is not effortless, but he is not strained with struggle. He is stubborn and overly confident at times, but this is balanced by the honest and sincerity of his heart and mind. The openness that can be seen in his hazel eyes is infinite. He is always wanting more, because he understands life is not mere acceptance. Life is acknowledgment of what is being given, while taking what one deserves. “The Man” is not inept or desperate. He may be clumsy with words, but not with spirit. Lastly, he accepts a challenge with zest and fervor.
David is all of the above and then some. It is no secret he has many passions. He has hidden talents within every realm gifts are discovered. Eager, quiet, personable, confident, gregarious, and wholesome he exemplifies the best of himself everyday. He is purely himself without fault. David refuses to be anyone else, even if playing a different sport or acting a certain way will get him approval by certain people. He does not waste efforts where they do not deserve to be. His efforts go towards those that merit attention and consideration.
David is many things. Common is not one of them. He is an irreplaceable person. It is this uniqueness that has made him “the Man.” He needed to mature through the many phases that mark early life to become who he is currently. Even if he hadn’t, he still would have been an impressive individual. Someone to make cheeks blush rouge. Someone to turn boring afternoons around into good memories. Someone who strikes admiration in hearts and stirs awe in minds. Someone impossible to ignore.
David is the man because he looks so good in those sweat pants.
by shortpancake11 April 15, 2009
A girl that looks like a man, usually with a mustache. Some people even think she has a penis.
The Man is hot even though she has a mustache.
by Manraper May 09, 2005
Specifically, working for the man. A figurative term referring to those social and economic customs that prevent people from being treated as people in the work force. Oppression comes from the deification of profits, structures, and policies at the expense of human identity, creativity, and unique talent.
I don't want to go to work today. Fuck the man.
by August 01, 2004
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