All too powerful divine force. Rules your life, keeps you in line. In america it is very common to "stick it to the man", but watch out, The Man sticks back. You go and stick him with a call in to work sick on 4th of July? He'll come right back, bend you over, and stick it to you right back by he won't fire you from your shitty job, but gives you double the hours of nights and weekend shifts the next week, just daring you to stick him again and try and quit your job. When he sticks back, he sticks back hard. Few have defied The Man and have survived to tell about it. You fuck with The Man, then The Man fucks you.
Matt and Andrew foolishly thinking they could stick it to The Man for weeks on end were skipping school and participating in outdoor activites. For a couple days they thought they had beaten The Man until they capsized their canoe, losing not only valuable posessions, but also their dignity as at the next day at school they were laughed upon by children who understood not to fuck with The Man.
by ed0gg giggidy goo June 12, 2006
Someone or something that is to be admired.
Admired boy = The Man
Admired girl = The Man in Woman Form
Admired Ipod = The Man in Ipod Form
by wellwitted February 13, 2010
The proverbial man.

He is ambitious. He is what is the head of the world, and nobody likes the man. He ruins careers. He ruins dreams. He sets standards that no one can live up to. He abuses those close to him.

The man is an over ambitious, heartless twat.
You're the man.
by hkhj April 04, 2011
Society. Government. Void. Anyone that gets you down. Makes people sell out. Makes things lame. Makes me sad.
You gotta stick it to the man.
by nerdygal February 16, 2004
Someone who sells drugs;Trusted dealer.
Guy1# - Hey we're out of Bud,why dont you call the man?
Guy2# Alright whats his number?
by Mostexcellant69 April 20, 2010
a person of highimport
You finished that test in 20 minutes? You're the man!
by Bungalow Bill October 18, 2001
The M.A.N., or Masculine Acknowledgement Nod, is a gesture performed predominately between males and involves a quick, upward nod intended to show recognition of a fellow dude. While the M.A.N. is most often exchanged between friends or acquaintances, it can also be used on random passersby.
While at the local hardware store, Jim noticed the maintenance guy from his apartment building checking out the pipe wrenches and instinctively gave him the M.A.N., which was quickly reciprocated.
by BallPeen May 12, 2013
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